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ford 302 connecting rod specs I. 2005-09-08T01:45. These bearings are size. All the rods were similar. ) Engine control system PCM Horsepower 440 (est. The Ford Cologne 2. 100" $269. What size main bearings do you need? For sale is a stage 3 complete engine rebuild kit for 1963-1968 289 SBF Ford Engines and 1968-1982 302 SBF Ford Engines. Ford Small Block W/ Chevy Rod-1. When setting up your engine the rods are resized using Sunnen honing equipment. com The best bang-for-the-buck in Ford small block crate engines! 302 cubic inch ; 345 hp ; 9. The connecting rods are premium Manley H-beam with ARP 2000 bolts and fitted with BOSS 302 high performance bearings. Engine Oil. Page 13/25 Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. Rod Length: 5. New Old Stock OEM 1962 Ford Connecting Rod Bearing Set 2 Pcs . A. part: MS2975P prices Specifications MS2975P : manufacturer part number: MS2975P; brand: TRW; Ratings: no problems happy happy happy (01-08-18) Connecting Rods. Wish List Compare. Eagle CRS5155F3D ESP 4340 Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods Ford 289 Boss 302. if you do the calculations the diference is so slight that you wouldnt see it with the naked eye. Equipped with ARP L19 rod bolts, the Ultra H-Beam rods are the perfect premium 4330 American Made Connecting Rod. Classic 302 Ford fully dressed will have stock idle, built to replace your stock worn out 302. Sep 07, 2005 · 3,866. Jul 05, 2021 · The 302 Tunnel Port already had a terrific four-bolt main block and steel crank along with beefed up “C3AE” 289 rods and special pistons designed for the Tunnel Port heads. 0 V8 Engine Specs | Torque Specs Ford Small-Block Rebuild: Torque Specs, Sequences, and Alignment - Covers 221, 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W, 351C, 351M, and 400M Small Block Ford Engines. 927 Pin Size Floating Pin: CHP 4340 H-Beam Connecting Rods - 5. Application Guide: 1965 - 1972 260 289 302 V8 SMALL BLOCK FORD. Nick Norris is part of the engineering team behind the design of connecting rods for Callies, and he e 1985 Ford F-150 5. Click Images to Large View Arp Rod Bolt Kit Sb For Ford 289 302 Standard 154 6002 Ebay 4. $695. Regular price: $453 The proper condition of a connecting rod is fairly straightforward: The rod must be straight, center-to-center rod length must meet design specs, the pin bore and big-end bore must be perfectly round, each bore must be sized appropriately for wrist pin and crank rod pin fit and oil clearance and the rod must be free […] The first two digits were the production year, the second two digits were the model. Shop Now. MSRP: $50. In. Engine Oil: 25 ft-lbs. I don't see them currently listed, but similar 302 rods are currently $270, you could probably contact them to see if they have the 5. Aug 25, 2020 · “The Manley connecting rod has been around for a long time and they were once used in the production 2003-2004 Cobra Mustang and 2006 Ford GT programs. Torque those 5/16 little nuts down to 60 and your gunna have some big problems. Ford Small Block - Standard Light - SVO Offset/Small Journal. Materials is high tensile 4340 forged steel. rod wt. P406 Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name The Y-Block was introduced in 1954 as 239 in Ford cars and trucks and 256 in Mercury's. Rialto, CA 92376, USA. their specs. 0:1 compression ratio (nominal) Forged pistons; Forged steel connecting rods; BOSS 4-bolt main block M-6010-BOSS302 ; Hydraulic roller camshaft M-6250-B303, . 1, but most performance engine builders are going with ratios in the 1. *45 ft-lbs. Compession ratio is same as Ford 302 x's . Featuring a dual overhead cam (DOHC) design, in a V configuration, the Ford Voodoo architecture has been part of the Ford Modular family since 2015. $375. 7:1 compression. 050" is 224 degrees intake and exhaust DART Aluminum FORD 302 Small Block – Technical Notes With a multitude of crankshaft, 302 cover Torque Specs: Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Specifications - AutoZone Torque Specifications CRANKSHAFT AND CONNECTING ROD SPECIFICATIONS Crankshaft & Connecting Rod Specifications AutoZone. 0L-302ci-V8 Engine Torque Specs. 1. Trans Am competition in 1969, the Boss 302. One can get by with . 0 engine block also has piston-cooling jets. ” For the pistons, there weren’t any proven off-the-shelf options available, both due to the desired compression ratio of 12. 325 housing bore. Standard BME Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods for most production Chevrolet, Chrysler and Pontiac V8s are reliable replacements for steel connecting rods in engines of up to 1000 horsepower. Connecting Rod - Ford (CR3Z-6200-B) Part can be found as reference #27 in illustration. Length, Ford, 5. 7500rpm seems to be no trouble for them, and I think they were in the $300 range. The 302 was increased to 3. The Boss 290 V8 had a deep-skirt design whereby the block extended below the crankshaft centreline and enclosed the crankshaft – this enabled the fitment non-structural, low-profile oil pan with a single plane oil seal and fully enclosed, one-piece rear main bearing seal. 0L Aluminator NA is a direct bolt in for 2011-2012 Mustang GT. The Ford 302 has been used in quite a few Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models over the year including vans, pickup trucks and of course the popular Mustang. g. The 351W “3M” nodular iron crankshaft has larger main and rod journals than the 289/302 along with a longer stroke. Be the first to review this product. CRANKSHAFT, FLYWHEEL AND CONNECTING ROD. Our Ford 302 short block engine is now on sale. connecting rod bearings clearance to crankshaft: desired 0. Each rod is multi-stage heat-treated; H-beam; Is customized; Product description: 25595912 Ford 302 Modular connecting rods conrods Aug 22, 2006 · Fordman500. 7 mm). 14:1 Induction: 1-2 Bbl Engine Type: V8. Includes 8 P/N 10108688 rods, available individually. 090 Length Note: All torque specs are with CMD # 3 high pressure lube. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. 6L - Standard Light. 2 mm bores and a 105. Scat offer a complete line of Small and Big-Block Chevy, Small and Big-Block Ford, Honda and many more in both the I-Beam and H-Beam designs. While the iconic Ford 5. 438 Taken from "Ford Basic specs are free and open to everyone. Mar 07, 2018 · Ford Engine Bore and Stroke Guide. Stock Model A & B Camshaft Grind Specifications. If you use after-market performance bolts like ARP’s, you should follow the recommended torque specifications. From my experience of 302 rods vs 351 there was a noticable improvement in the spread of torque from a 351 with ported 2v heads. 0 litres. Ford and Mustang 289 302 351 390 427 428 and 429 connecting rods . In the New Edge Mustang V6, it came equipped with a 3. BASIC ENGINE DIMENSIONS (INCHES) CONTINUED Gasoline Engines Engine Swap Size Chart 4. Most people know the 302 more commonly as the 5. 8, 2. 0:1 and the new 93mm bore size. 4340 specs allow a range of different materials to achieve the desired results. 123 Rod Journal. Ford 2. . What size rod bearings do you need? 4. Footer. Ford 289-302 Custom Stroke Billet Crankshaft - … Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. Connecting Rod Kit. 67 range. 200”. It was developed in 1968 from the Ford 289 by shortening its connecting rods for a 3. Specs from my '87 factory manual for a 5. Sinter-forged connecting rods with bushed fully floating pin for greater strength compared to the stock production Mustang GT Buy ARP Rod Bolt Kit Small Block Ford 302 Sportman SVO 3/8in | 150-6005 at Walmart. Back to Top. Jul 06, 2006 · Ford 289 applications you can use all Ford 302, 5. 0L HO are listed below. 2. 091" long center to center. com Google+. The second digit (always a number), was the production year. We'll be glad to locate them for you. 0L Engine Connecting Rod ECR206. Buy ARP Rod Bolt Kit Small Block Ford 302 Sportman SVO 3/8in | 150-6005 at Walmart. We use a high quality ARP bolt that can resist pressure of over 200,000 psi. 0 liter engine mostly due to the fact that 5. We took the iconic Ford 302 engine and brought it’s performance and quality to the next level. 0 is equipped with a forged steel crankshaft and forged powdered metal connecting rods. Ohio Crank H-Beam Rods. Overview. Connecting Rod: Chevrolet used many variations of their basic connecting rod over the years. 10" EBU 6. For a bit of added insurance you might want to have your machine shop put in 3/8ths ARP rod bolts. The 272 and 292 engines were introduced in 1955. 090 rod pistons. Part Number: 2-302-5400-2123-927A 5. Bolts are checked and replaced as needed. For competition or street applications of less than 500 horsepower. Nov 11, 2018 · The piston skirts will stick out of the bottom of the 289 cylinder more than they do a 302,Shelby had trouble with piston rock at high rpm’s,and they extended the sleeve on the 302,the crank will have a 1M stamp on the throw,the 289 rods are longer than a 302,and have a c3 casting number on the web. 0028-inch while the tightest rod came in at 0. (Image/Summit Racing) The Ford engine family tree has a lot of branches. The folks at Kiwi Customs built a stroked Ford 460 big block for their 1966 Mustang SEMA show car. * All rods use ARP 2000 bolts * It is designed for durability, with a little more material around the bolt. This engine is specifically designed for vehicles and is Ford 302 V-8 1971-1977 > 3108723 & Up Find Your Engine Drill down to the horsepower, liters or outdrive model, serial number range and component section to get an online inventory of original and aftermarket Mercruiser boat parts. These are typical factory ford rods 5. 6L & 1. Displacement (Cu. 965. 480" lift intake and exhaust, duration at . 65 in/92. The first attempt with the 302 was the "tunnel port". This 5. 8 mm stroke for a capacity of 5408 cc. Please contact for availability. 137 / 156mm, Rod Journal 2. 0465-2. 2-liter, naturally aspirated V8 engine from Ford Motor used to power sports cars like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/350R. 0472 Out-of-Round Limit 0 Rod Length: 5. This crank had longer connecting rods (5. All rods from 1968 on, including 1967 350 rods, have a 2. 06oz 680gr 1. 9L V6 is a 60° cast iron block V6 engine built by the Ford Motor Company in Cologne, Germany, hence the name. Valve lift = 289″ @ 013″ clearance. Ideally the rod bearings will be approx. Add to Cart. Both fuel injected and carbureted 302s have two valves per cylinder head. Chevrolet used many variations of their basic connecting rod over the years. Your price: $462. 240, 300 and 8 Cyl. Let’s say our loosest rod bearing measured 0. 9. 4340 H-Beam Rod Set - SBF 5. After measuring all eight rod bearing clearances and using shell halves to set the clearances, it’s very common to have a clearance spread between the rods of perhaps 0. Connecting Rod. Cleveland -- The Ford V-8 Engine Workshop. 6, 2. 500 housing bore. Feb 09, 2005 · This piston is for 68-69 Z28. If you recondition and shot peen a C3AE rod and fit it with 3/8-inch ARP bolts, you have the equivalent of a 289 High Performance or Boss 302 rod. Ford Modular 4. The engine was introduced on April 17, 1969. 13 Check that the directional arrow on the piston crown faces towards the timing cover end of the engine, then apply the wooden handle of a hammer to BOSS 302 connecting rod bearings Lightweight aluminum cylinder block, features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength Large rear sump oil pan with 8qt capacity features optimized oil drainback and windage tray to control oil and improve high-rpm performance Each connecting rod fastener is tasked with maintaining its clamp load whether the connecting rod is at bottom dead center (BDC) or top dead center (TDC) in the cylinder bore. New obsolete TRW main bearings part number MS2975P standard full groove FORD 302 BOSS 1969 thru 1971. Other piston listed for a 302 with a 5. 7 makes engine torque too “peaky. 100" Most 2. All rods have a wear resistant bronze bushing for long wrist pin life and feature ARP2000 material bolts that are custom made for us by ARP. Small block rods were 5. The advantage of the bolts not stretching as much as stock hardware is that they will be more stable at higher rpms. Much more than a rebuilt 302 short block, this engine has been completely ramanufactured with upgraded parts. To avoid very short connecting rods and excessive piston side loads, the 351W uses a taller block than the 289/302, 9. Material: Billet 4330 Timken Steel Connecting Rod Length Center Buy ARP Rod Bolt Kit Small Block Ford 302 Sportman SVO 3/8in | 150-6005 at Walmart. 1990 . Taper Limit 0. 240 and 300. Balanced. US Seller. 090- inch C8OE connecting rods. Cylinder Head Flow Ratings. Surface Finish (RMS) 12 Max Runout Service Limit 0. Ford engineers took the new 351 cylinder head and modified it to work with the Tunnel Port block. close SCAT connecting rods feature the same high-quality craftsmanship that has led Scat to the fore front of the performance industry. A wide variety of sizes and applications are available, from the Sport Compact Cars like Honda, Mitsubishi and bigger sizes up throug Small Block and Big Block Chevy, LS and Mopar, including some custom and specialty rod sizes and lengths. 038:1 . Connecting Rod Decode. Slide a bearing shell in one and the difference will jump out at you. The good news is that con rod technology has advanced dramatically Callies Small Block Ford Ultra H-Beam Connecting Rods are manufactured from premium quality Billet 4330 Timken Steel. 304. 0:1 (est. 123" journal rod have . 2 x 92. Any reasonable length. ht. 399-2. Eagle CRS5233M3D ESP 4340 Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods Mazda Miata 1. Connecting Rod Length Info Connecting rod length is measured between the centers of the big end (journal end) and the little end (piston pin end). Package Width: 9. Engine oil (blind hole) Sealer Ford 260 289 302 5. 8 Conrods Arp Bolts 4x. CONNECTING ROD T he proper condition of a connecting rod is fairlystraightforward: The rod must be straight, cen-ter-to-center rod length must meet design specs, the pin bore and big-end bore must be perfectly round, each bore must be sized appro-priately for wrist pin and crank rod pin fit and oil clearance and the rod must be free of Jul 07, 2007 · I've had good luck so far with my Hawks H-beams (bough off eBay from TMD, The Mustang Depot, I think they're made by CAT). The ARP Connecting Rod Bolt Kit is constructed out of high grade 8740 Chrome Moly with a 200,000 psi tensile-strength rating. Denver, CO 80216 Phone: (303)935-7565 Fax: (303)935-8048 The rod cap is forged separately so that the grain runs perpendicular to the load forces, which strengthens the connecting rod. 50X 3. If they are 5/16 bolts then spec should be 18-24 (I believe those are the numbers) i know its plus minus one or two with that and if its hipo 289 stuff 3/8 bolts, then it shud be in the 35 Buy ARP Rod Bolt Kit Small Block Ford 302 Sportman SVO 3/8in | 150-6005 at Walmart. Don't leave anything to chance on your next engine build, upgrade the hardware in your 1996-10 4. 23 Mount Erin Rd, Blair Athol NSW 2560, Australia. 3. 40 rod or other length will not interchange. HEMI 3 1 0 0 S E R I ES. These will easily handle 300hp no problem. Eagle CRS5155F3D2000 ESP 4340 Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods Ford 289 Boss 302. 0004- to 0. ) Horsepower per liter 88 Torque 380 lb. With increased strength and a lightweight I-beam design, these connecting rods offer more to improve horsepower than factory units or stock replacements. This gives the rod an uncompromised strength to weight ratio for high output, high rpm applications. +1 (310) 361-0020. for 289 HP & Boss 302) Cylinder head bolts 65-72 ft-lbs. The shorter lands and special narrow top rings with lower than standard radial depth have proven satisfactory in an engine running at much greater compression ratio (11. Regular price: $762. Ford was looking for a higher output small block though. We offer a complete line-up for Small & Big Block Chevy, Chevy LS, Small & Big Block Ford, Ford Modular 4. About 8,600 Boss 302 engines were built. This rod is similar to the HEMI 3000, but designed for a Chevy 2. Specifications. the rod The 5. This kit includes the following parts: (1) Fel-Pro 260-1125 Complete Engine Overhaul Gasket Set Oct 19, 2002 · connecting rod torque specs. SKU 70550901-8. In a 6-cylinder (steel rod) engine, that is the weight equivalent of removing 2 (steel) rods from the complete rotating assembly. Understand these are Ford's recommendations for a stock engine and other values may apply for a modified engine. engine is manufactured to metric specifications (a reminder of this appears in Quadrant B of all metric engines). K1 Technologies produces "RACEREADY" rods and cranks at very affordable prices. NEW ARRIVALS. 503" (1971/96). Connecting rods Forged steel Forged steel 302 cu. The ARP 5/16" Connecting Rod Bolt Kit is performance upgrade for all 289 and 302 Engines. Engine oil Big Inch Ford Small If you are using ARP bolts, you MUST use. Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. Same runner cc's, chamber cc's, valve sizes as the OEM head being replaced, intake & exhaust. 3982 Out-of-Round Limit 0. I read it as though it is listed as a 302 piston with a 5. 9122" gr 24. Not official NHRA data, but from a reliable source. 0-inch stroke. Ford 260 289 302 5 Firing Order Distributor Rotation And Torque Specs. The 351W was designed as a long-stroke replacement for the 302 in passenger car use. These Hemi-style rods are designed for naturally aspirated, nitrous. 030 over-size bore, floating pin, high performance piston has a 11:1 compression ratio with 64cc head chamber volume (ID# 372176). ”. 57 to 1. All rods are checked for straightness, shot-peened, and honed. The Pauter 6AL4V titanium connecting rod is available for most applications on a custom order basis. The dual Holley Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. 1 inch rod journal diameter. Quantity: Add to Cart. 400”. Ive looked closer and the chamfer is obvious! Ive checked with my old pistons and rods and I reckon that: 1,2,3,4 Chamfer pointing to front of engine. (est. 123" chevy rod journal is 2. To order rods finished to the exact size for Federal Mogul bearings, affix an “F” after the rod part number. New other (see details). Ford Small Block - Ultra Light - 302 Windsor. It later served as a truck and marine engine through 1996. The 5. The 351W-2V engine had a more modest compression ratio of 9. Jump on Board. 1024 x 1444, 131K: Engine Piston, Connecting Rod and Related Parts - Typical P/N’s 14340,14438 and 14443 REQUIRE use of one of the connecting rod bearings listed below. Engine Camshaft, Gear, Bearings and Related Parts - Typical 1965-1972 6 Cyl. Our H-Beam Connecting Rods are made from 4340 billet material, heat treated to increase tensile strength and shot peened to increase fatigue life. 8L. This 302 . Please note: All parts may not be in stock. #13 · Nov 29, 2005. 0 emblems were placed on Mustangs starting in the early 80s. The Ford 302 was a Windsor small-block, 90-degree, V8 engine. Scat Connecting Rods for Pro Stock applications are machined from high-tensile 4340 forged material and then clearanced for stroker engines. The following is for original NEW Model A and B cams only Regrinds will have substantially different characteristics regardless of what they are called. Ship To: Chevy 350 5. 09 it can be used in a 289. Below is a table with stock connecting rod lengths for various engine families. 250 In. 100" have . Sep 08, 2005 #2. These numbers will help identify the correct connecting rod bearings or main bearing sets for engines listed. For 1969 it was the only 351W4V engine produced with 10. 490 In. MAIN BEARING JOURNAL DIAMETER 2. 6 1. 249") manufactured by Mahle-Clevite and coated by HM Elliott. APM offers quality OEM connecting rods reconditioned to standard OEM specifications. In addition, you Another area important area is the connecting rod bolts. Nov 27, 2005 · 31 Posts. 4, 2. 0006 per inch Journal Runout Limit 0. Many geometric nuances have been incorporated into the design of Ultra connecting rods. Aluminum Rods for some Ford V8s of similar power output are available on special order. 0L Ecoboost, Length 6. note that . 400, Bushed 2. 0/302 had a cam-in-block pushrod two-valve valvetrain, the 5. 400 Rod Length 2. The Voodoo is a 5. Standard 302 oil pump fits correctly even with the 4 bolt front main cap. 6 Mod Motor engine build with these ARP connecting rod bolts. Y-Block Dimensions and weights ford-y-block. Fastener Type - Torque Spec Main cap bolts 60-70 ft-lbs Outer main cap bolts 35-40 ft-lbs. Connecting Rods, 4340, I-Beam, Hex Head, Thru-Bolt, 5. 927 Pin Forged from SAE 5140 steel and utilize ARP 8740 capscrew style bolts with alignment sleeves for precise cap location. 5:1 2015 Ford Mustang Tech Specs Jan 01, 2021 · Here are the original C8 connecting rods that were reconditioned. Provide your VIN at checkout, and we’ll verify part fitment for your vehicle. Yes, they are capable of more torque but more torque equals more distortion which is why the builder mentioned resizing the rods to keep the hole round. Engine Family: Ford Motor Company, Ford V8 Windsor Advertised Comp Ratio: 9. com ATK HP79C Ford 302 Complete Engine 300HP, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. 63 x 3. 0L/302, Set of 8. 7L VORTEC V8 & Mercruiser Marine 181 3. 700" powdered metal (PM) connecting rods. /4,951 cc Compression ratio 11. 155 length anymore. 260, 289, 302 Torque Spec. They usually include engine images, displacement, dimensions and weight,essential bolt tightening torques, plus characteristics of the engine e. 48th Ave. SKU 60554001-8. The Ohio Crankshaft H-Beam connecting rod is by far our most popular rod. CONNECTING ROD JOURNAL Diameter 2. in. Engine Blueprint Specifications: 1985 Ford 210 HP 302 V8. BY rod I think you mean connecting rod. 0L Rebuilt OE . 005 THRUST BEARING JOURNAL Length 1. 927" pin dia 2. 990 - 1. S. 400 In. 100" wont work on a stock 302 crank. Engine is based off the 1980-1986 Ford 302 engine. Home > Connecting Rods > Machined Beam Connecting Rods (5140 Steel) > Ford - 302 Small Block V8 > CHP 5140 Machined Beam Connecting Rods - 5. 0L engine controls pack. 7" Bushed/Float 2. Post. Each rod is multi-stage heat-treated, X-rayed, sonic-tested, magnafluxed, 100 percent machined and then shot-peened to stress-relieve the metal. Every connecting rod is a symphony of precision: material specialist, forging precision, production craftsman, design engineers and engine specialists each contribute know-how and artistry. Rialto Ave. Anthony has helped countless racers create engines that make enough horsepower to rotate the earth many times over and he provides a great explanation of aluminum rod basics. 125 In. 0023-inch – creating a spread of 0. 00. Set of 8. 749 2. FORD part number C2OZ-6211-R. 0015" allowable 0. 70 center length, and all rods produced prior to 1968 had a 2 inch rod journal diameter. For rods finished to exact size for Clevite® bearings, affix a “C” after the rod part number. Read PDF 302 Ford Engine Torque Specs Ford 302 Engine Specs | It Still Runs The Boss 302 After a very disappointing 1968 racing season Ford designed a new engine specifically for F. Quadrant C consists of connecting rod and crankshaft forging numbers that correspond to each particular engine in the block. 1965-1972 260 289 302 V8 OEM SMALL BLOCK FORD Connecting Rod Bearing PAIR STD. Connecting Rod Rods For Mazda Mx5 Mx-5 Miata B6 Bp 1. 0 Modular engine features four-valve aluminum cylinder heads with The Eagle ESP H-beam connecting rods are a 2-piece, forged, vacuum-degassed, 4340-certified steel construction that provides outstanding strength, while still weighing much less than stock rods. The 351C was used very successfully in NASCAR and drag racing. Same deal with the main caps. com Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. 2010-1. KING MAIN BEARING HP: SB FORD 302 3/4" GROOVE () - MB 529HP. Rod Length: 6. Dart PN# LUBE Standard 302 timing chain, timing cover, gear or belt drive can be used. 67. DART FORD 302 Iron Small Block especially crankshaft counter weight and connecting rod to block. 000- inch bore to get 289 ci, further growth was with increased stroke. You can read the details here. There’s other companies that would sell you something with less sexy… we wouldn’t let you down at West Coast Engines! 400 horsepower and 375 torque on the dyno and it’s built for daily and long distance street driving. The 292 was used in T-Bird's, Mercury's and some top of the line Ford's. They are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining and are rated at a whopping 190,000 PSI. Engine weight is 510 lbs. Connecting Rod Bolt Buy ARP Rod Bolt Kit Small Block Ford 302 Sportman SVO 3/8in | 150-6005 at Walmart. MFG PN: CR 804SI. Bearings with an "AM" or "SI" in the part number or in the SKU are the standard production type and should meet or exceed OE specifications. comp. High Performance coated main bearing set for Ford 302 (2. Ford "FE" Engine Specifications. 6L & 5. They are all 100% machined on all surfaces, stress relieved, and shotpeened. 500 inches of stroke. Instructions. Ford 5. Every Ultra connecting rod is produced from specially formulated TimkenSteel 4330V steel. The 400 engine has a longer stroke, and higher cylinder deck. As far as Im concerned all the dwell time etc etc is BS. Sizing is performed on precision CNC equipment. *289HP and Boss 302. Part Number: SCA-25090 their specs. 5,6,7,8 Chamfer pointing to rear of engine. 9. Three small-block Ford connecting rods from left to right: C3AE rod for the 221/260/289, C8OE rod for the 302, and C3AE 289 Hi-Po/Boss 302 rod with 3/8-inch broached bolts. 0005-inch. 858" GRP Connecting Rods 333 W. 933”. The first idea that should be noted is that there is no gain in horsepower from coating the rod and main bearings if your purpose is to reduce friction. Regular price: $616. 5:1. The 351-ci Windsor arrived for 1969 featuring a new block with a taller deck to get 3. May 13, 2020 · 2005-2010 4. Ford Ranger 2. 0 302 Engines Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Required Sep 01, 2008 · Rod ratio is the length of a connecting rod (center to center) divided by the stroke of the crankshaft. 7 mm Displacement 302 cu. 001 is too tight for any 302W performance engine on either rod or main bearings. These Pro Series bolts from ARP are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity. Cylinder Heads. Jan 07, 2018 · Review (mpn: MS2975P for sale) MS2975P 302 FORD BOSS Main Bearings Standard Full Groove Nos TRW. 200 In. 866 / 22mm, 4340 Steel, Set of 4, ARP 2000 Bolts Add to Cart View Product Add to Compare Engine Piston, Connecting Rod and Related Parts - Typical 1964-1972 6 Cyl. 0, 2. By Marco Tahtaras. The range in engines today may be from 1. Ford 351 Connecting Rod Kit, 6. 956 inches) than you find inside the 289/302. 0024" > main bearing clearance Jun 17, 2004 · Shortened compression height pistons have been developed for use in Ford Cleveland 351 engines using longer 302 connecting rods. 0L, Ford Vintage Model A/B/T, Flathead,Small & Big Block Chrysler, Pontiac, Sport-Compact & many more. We're constantly adding new products, so if you don't see the connecting rods you need, please call or e-mail. MFG PN: MB 529HP. 094 wrist pin. Essential bolt torques are: main bearing cap bolts, connecting rod cap bolts, cylinder head bolts. 005” taller for additional machining requirements. Many aftermarket connecting rods are manufactured from 4340 steel. 155 Length CHP Price $ 368. 00 C2OZ-6211-S. Bore & Stroke rod length R:S ratio pin diam pin wt piston wt. Nissan VR38DETT Connecting Rod Kit, 6. Chevy Eagle I-Beam Connecting Rods Set/8 327 350 400 5. Steel Billet Crower Connecting Rod Ford 289-302 Custom Length. 50 (31% off) Sale Price: $34. Over the years, the Cologne V6 was available with engine displacements of 1. Welcome to your best connecting rod source for information, rod specifications, discount prices and technical evaluation on our huge selection of engine rods. Ford Connecting Rods 4 Cylinder Model B 1932-1934. The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. 100 Journal, . 7/16 ARP bolt. FORD 302 ENGINE. Quote from KB website. 25 ft-lbs. -ft. 003 is a bit much for the rod bearings. 48. 5 to 2. Although it is a more expensive process, all Eagle "ESP" 3-D connecting Eagle, I-Beam Connecting Rods, Ford 302, 5. 480" (1969/70) and 9. 11 Fitting the bearing shell in the connecting rod 12 Insert the piston/rod assembly into the cylinder bore until the base of the piston ring compressor stands squarely on the top of the block. Typically, the big end of a steel rod weighs more than an entire titanium rod. 002 Max. 239 cu. 3:1) than would be recommended for the pistons Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. High-quality 5. SpecsBrand:SpeedmasterPart Number:1-274-014Part Type:Connecting Rods Connecting Rod Length Center to Center (in):5. 933 in (150. Click Here! Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302 . 46. 5:1 9. 002 to . 324" 2. Modern performance engine parts are subjected to much higher torque and horsepower levels than ever. Most standard Ford models received the 272. Email to a Friend. Steel Billet Connecting Rods Ford 289-302 Custom Length (One Piece) Availability: In stock. The design of the connecting rod is just part of what makes it the right part for the build; you also need to ensure the material it’s made from is of the highest quality. com. . After the small-block Ford evolved to a 4. SCAT connecting rods are made from a 2-piece chromoly steel forging to ensure maximum strength and durability. 50. 427 : C3AE-6110-BJ. 9L V-6 Engines. The Boss 290 V8 engine had a cast iron block with 90. At TDC, the fastener's difficult job is to prevent the connecting rod from separating at its big end and permitting the piston to crash into the cylinder head. 00 Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302 *289HP and Boss 302. 8L Essex V6 with only a measly 145 horsepower at 4,000 RPM and 215 lb/ft of torque at 2,500 RPM. This material is then precision forged in Michigan and fully machined in our Fostoria, Ohio facility. 003 on the mains but. Connecting rods Forged steel Ignition High-energy coil-on-plug Bore x stroke 3. -. 0008" - 0. Dec 14, 2019 · Aluminum connecting rods do provide performance advantages, but it's important to ensure they're the right fit for your combination. i have been looking at different charts for torque specs,for the 302(not boss)and all seem to be the same. Replaces the old “pink rods” and are the same rods used in Gen-ll LT1 and LT4 Corvette engines. Ford. Using this high quality connecting rod bolt setup on your engine helps us ensure against any rod/cap failures. 60-70 is main caps dude. 9 and 4. 325 - 2. 4 Inch I-beam Connecting Rods. 0025 clearance as will the main bearings. 0006 Max. 28" Length SOHC 26" That year a high performance 302 was not offered in the production cars. /4,951 cc Compression ratio 10. Actual deck height will be . Ford Small Block - Standard Light - 351 Windsor. Apr 01, 2007 · stock Ford 302 rod journal is 2. With its free breathing large port canted valve head design and rugged block, the 351 Cleveland was an engine designed to make real horsepower. 3, 2. Click Here! Connecting Rod 260, 289, 302. 1101 W. 400, 550g Ford 302 5. 0 liter block is a direct replacement for Mustangs and other high performance vehicles spanning from 1981 to 2000. 299. 99. > rod bearing clearance. Connecting Rod Kit Arp Rod Bolt Kit Sb For Ford 289 302 Standard 154 6002 Ebay. TECH NOTE: Not all King bearing applications are available in the race series. 001” - . This Ford Racing BOSS 302R Piston and Rod Set is balanced for the M-6303-M50B BOSS 302 Forged Crankshaft, re-balancing is required when used with the Mustang GT or any other crankshaft. It can be used in street rod or resto-mod builds using Ford Racing's 5. Rocker arms 17-23 ft-lbs. Precision finished at KING ROD BEARING: SB FORD 302 STD () - CR 804SI. DOMESTIC CONNECTING RODS. May 11, 2020 · I-beam and H-beam connecting rods are easily identifiable because of their unique shapes. Part Number: B93925PF-1. its power and torque. This particular engine is not dyno tested, you will still have to do the intital break in for this engine. The 312 was introduced in 1956 and used in many T-Bird's all Mercury's and some Ford models. I put a set of those in my 302. View Details. Although very much related in general configuration to the 289-302 and sharing the same bell housing, motor mounts, and other small parts, the 351W had a unique, tall-deck block, larger main bearing caps, thicker, longer connecting rods, and a distinct firing order (1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 versus the usual 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8, a means to move the About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators MGP Ford 302 5. E-mail this product to a friend. 99. Sets are weight matched to +/- 2g. ) 352: 390: 390: 390: 406: 410: Journal dia--Main Rod Nodular Iron 2. 25595912 Ford 302 Modular connecting rods conrods . You’ve got the venerable Windsor small block, plus the 385-series and FE-series big block branches, along Ultra connecting rods are made entirely in the U. Upon launch of the S197, Ford knew it had to step their game up on the base model V6 to compete further lure in potential buyers. The engine in your Ford powered vehicle is held together by a myriad of nuts, bolts and screws, which allow it to work despite the Sep 21, 2019 · Torque them to Ford specs. Trophy Points: 0. Forged Aluminum Pistons. FORD and Mustang Pistons ( piston 6110 assy 6108) C3AE-6110-AA. 912" pin dia Most 2. The first digit (always a letter) was for the decade - C=60's - D=70's - E=80's. 166 / 52mm, Bushed Full Floating Fit Wrist Pin . Copied from the 427 NASCAR heads, the intake push rods ran through a small tube in the head, surrounded by huge intake ports and valves. Set of 6. Some say that going with a rod ratio over 1. SCAT rods are made from a 2-piece chromoly steel forging to ensure maximum strength and durability. and light blown applications. in. 0L 2V SOHC V6. The connecting rod length is 5. Scat 25400927 Small Block Ford 5. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. Connecting rod bolts (40-45 ft-lbs. 400 in. ) Recommended fuel 91 octane Fuel capacity 16 gallons Nov 12, 2013 · Such full-tilt Boss 302s made between 450500 hp at a full 8,500-rpm song and sported dry-deck construction, forged steel cranks, Ford "SK" connecting rods, and big compression. The thin-wall block engine uses high-flow aluminum cylinder heads. 330, 352, 360, 361, 390 and 391. The Model A cam was ground as follows: Lobe Lift = 302″. Your price: $572. 090 in. Connecting Rod Beam Style:H-beam Connecting Rod Material:Forged 4340 steelConnecting Rod Finish:Shot-peenedWrist Pin Style:FloatingClearanced for Stroker:NoCap Retention Style:Cap screw Connecting Rod Bolt Brand:ARPConnecting Rod Bolt Diameter:7/16 in. For example: C3 is 1963 - C6 is 1966 - D7 is 1977 - E0 is 1980 - E2 is 1982. 6L Modular Engine NOTE: SOHC – 255/ 8" Width / DOHC – 30" Width. Uses stock 302 cover Torque Specs: 1-5 inners ½” bolts Aug 13, 2005 · chamfered. Discount: $15. 000-inch stroke in 1968 via a new 2M crankshaft and shorter 5. ford 302 connecting rod specs

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